Author: Jen Verharen

Jen Verharen is a professional performance, business & executive coach as well as the founder and creator of Cadence Coaching. She specializes in helping equestrian athletes and entrepreneurs turn their dreams into goals and their goals into reality. Jen has 30 years of experience as a coach and trainer and has been a life-long student of the human psyche and spirit as well a rider and horse lover. She’s an experienced facilitator and leads popular coaching programs for riders and business owners as well as health and leadership training programs. Jen coaches youth riders, adult amateurs and internationally competitive riders in mental fitness, emotional suppleness and resilience. Whether a rider’s goal is to complete a trail ride, go to their first show, return to riding after time off or compete in the Olympics, she is equally passionate about facilitating success for them on their terms. Jen is a USDF Certified Instructor/Trainer, USDF “L” judge’s program graduate with distinction, USDF silver medalist, and USPC graduate A. She has competed and trained at the upper levels in both dressage and eventing and dabbled in most other disciplines. She has a BA in Organizational Psychology and Mental Health, has done graduate work in clinical psychology, is a certified Health and Wellness Coach, certified Transformational Life Coach and a trained mediator.

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