Performance Health Coaching

Do you ever feel like you know what you should be doing but just can’t seem to keep doing it for more than short bursts at a time? Do you wish you could JUST DO IT and take control of your eating, your exercise and your health? Do you feel like you’re in aperpetual cycle of trying to stick with a health regime, failing and then having to start over? Performance Health Coaching is for you!

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The FASTer Way

Take control of your health. Sleep well, gain energy and lose fat. No matter how crazy busy you are, how old or young you are, how worn down from trying diets and regimes you are,you can achieve your wildest health goals!

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Get clear. Make a plan. Get into action.

High performance is the result of intentional action, mental toughness, healthy routines and the ability to not only manage but capitalize on powerful emotions. Studies of elite level athletes show that the most successful competitors are the ones who clearly identify and stay connected to WHY they compete. They can directly link their most deeply held values to the results they desire and this allows them to stay highly focused and motivated in their daily routines and training sessions. Develop sustainable routines. Find center. The sky is the limit.

Coaching consists of a series of expertly facilitated conversations with one purpose- to move you from where you are now to where you want to be. Think of it- a toe-to-toe partner in your life. Support, accountability and results like you have not had before. Whatever you have always thought you SHOULD be able to do on your own, you are about to find out you can do more powerfully and efficiently with a coach.

You’ll develop strategies for managing whatever emotions get in your way and hone the mental skills necessary to tackle old patterns and develop new ones. Throughout our work together, I’ll provide you with a series of tools and exercises to help you develop awareness, sustain motivation, create custom routines, and build a foundation of inner strength and mental toughness in order to accomplish whatever your goals are. I’ll partner with you to create whatever it is you want in your life. To get started or find out more, sign up for a free discovery call.