Success Story: Christine Erickson

“I had just started riding a new horse when I found out about Jen’s coaching. Going into a new show season, I wanted to be more focused and try to get rid of some of my past baggage. I felt like self-doubt and a lack of focus had been plaguing me for the last few years. I had a lot going on in other areas of my life that I knew probably also needed to be addressed. I liked the fact that Jen was local, and her personality and approach appealed me. Going into the coaching program, I really wanted to make sure that I was ready to perform as well as I could when at a show. I wanted to understand why I was there, and what my goal was. I started working with Jen in order to take my riding aspirations to the next level. I had never had the experience of setting intentional goals and it was crazy how rapidly I started to accomplish them. Not only did Jen help me create a doable plan, but she then gave me the tools I needed to get out of my own way and really go for it in the ring.

In the equestrian part of this effort, I ended up with a lot of show success, winning a USDF Region 6 Championship and qualifying for the Dressage Finals in Kentucky, 

As it turned out, however, our work together became more crucial.  I received devastating news, in July of 2016, just as I was trying to qualify for the National Dressage Finals.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It was my work with Jen that really gave me the self confidence and determination to carry on with my big goal. I decided to continue on in my pursuit of my dream of going to the National Dressage Finals in Kentucky despite having to undergo cancer treatment and the physical and emotional challenges that came along with it. I did it! I survived cancer AND went to Kentucky.

Right now, I’m working towards my USDF bronze medal in 2018 and riding successfully at a higher level than I ever have before. Since working with Jen, my approach to what’s important, who I am, my self-esteem, what I can do has all changed. I believe in myself and I set realistic goals. I understand more about the process for achieving them. I don’t go about things the way I used to. I think that if you are already contemplating coaching, you’re ready to do it! Working with Jen is wonderful. She has really found her way, doing something she is extremely talented at. And I am grateful.”

–Christine Erickson