Success Story: Emilie Everett

“I’ve had so many results from coaching with Jen that here are too many to list. She has helped me in instrumental ways with my riding as well as with college, life and career choices. If I had to choose one main result though, I would choose getting my love for riding back. I truly enjoy this sport again and that is 100% a result of working with Jen. She helped me work though my mental and emotional issues that were causing me to lose my enjoyment for the sport. I now do not have extreme anxiety when it comes to riding, competing and the things I cannot control. I now take things in stride, enjoy the moment while it is present and I breathe! Jen’s coaching has put me in a better mindset about my life. I handle stress and my work load better (whether in school or at my job) using the tools that Jen has given me.

When I started to compete in three-day eventing at the upper levels, my parents sought Jen out because I was cracking from the amount of stress and pressure I was putting put on myself. I was paranoid about my horse getting hurt, worried about what other people thought, felt pressure to win and reach this one “big” goal. It had become a obsession to me. As a result I would get sick before cross country and I never felt good enough because I would compare myself to others. If I did not win, I thought I’d failed. I hated myself for never being able to reach my own standards and goals. My favorite part of working with Jen was the end result. At the beginning I felt terrible about myself and it felt like I had nothing going for me. But over the course of my sessions with Jen, my mind set changed. Before I knew it, I felt like I could breathe for the first time in ages. It was like I was holding my breath for years and then finally I could breath again. Thank you, Jen, a million times. Thank you for helping me get my love for this sport back. Thank you for helping me enjoy my successes and AND learn from my set-backs. Most of all, thank you for helping me be able to take a breath and enjoy the process.”

— Emilie Everett