Success Story: Karen Petty

“Jen Verharen is a highly skilled coach who has helped me and now, many of my friends and colleagues gain clarity and direction. Earlier this year I began working with Jen, after having experienced one of her mini workshops, in order to have her help me figure out where best to align my time and energy. I chose to work with Jen for many reasons, not the least of which is that she is a master at listening, distilling, and reframing what she hears from her clients. She’s not woo woo. She’s not a “counselor”. She’s pragmatic, present, and action oriented. Most importantly, she is clear and that clarity helps her clients get clarity. She is, by far, the most talented coach with whom I’ve worked.

I am the president of a foundation board and recently, I engaged Jen’s expertise to help our board of directors develop clarity around our vision and to help us build our strategic plan. We are a group of business women with strong opinions and a passion for the work and we needed a masterful facilitator to channel our abundant energy into a cohesive and compelling plan. Jen was the perfect choice. She collaborated on building a tight – 5 hours- agenda that integrated our needs with her methodology. If you have engaged in visioning and strategic planning, you know that 5 hours is a very aggressive agenda! Through Jen’s clear, focused, and grounded approach, we not only developed our plan, but maintained a high level of energy throughout the entire day. In fact, I would say the energy built throughout the day. We all felt that this was one of, if not, the best strategic planning sessions we had ever engaged in and that our use of time was extremely well spent. Because of her work, we have a solid and energizing plan from which to work towards our goals for next year and beyond.

There are many people who do this work. The differentiator between good and excellent is as much about “presence” as it is about technique. Jen’s presence and technique are masterful. Thank you Jen!”

-Karen Petty, Sage Ways Consulting & President PNWHPD Foundation