Success Story: Tara de Nicolas

“Coaching with Jen has been a game changer for me. It has helped me to advance my career and enjoy my personal life. Jen has given me the ability to enjoy and embrace my life in a way I have not been able to previously. When I started working with her, I was an anxious mess with so many life changes happening that I was not able to manage or fully embrace. While working with Jen, I went from always anxious to now, living more in the moment and enjoying my life. My career has flourished and my personal relationships have improved. I have learned to embrace each moment and appreciate the relationships around me. Coaching has positively impacted my marriage as well – my husband and I have moved into a stronger place as partners due to our work with Jen. She is just so good! She gets to the heart of things quickly and speaks from a place of understanding. I always come away with so many practical tools and I have moved away from living in a place of constant anxiety and worry. I now feel empowered and present in my life!

— Tara de Nicolas

Head of Field Events