Team Leadership Coaching with Jen Verharen focuses on empowering leaders to improve and support individual and team performance over time. By linking team members’ individual strengths to organizational success, the team is able to attract the right talent, retain what works and release what does not. Norms are created around learning and collaboration that lead to courage and innovation. The result is an organization that is able to innovate, scale, and serve its customers and clients fully while possessing resilience during periods of growth and change.


  • Improved relationships through a shared vision.
  • Clarity for each team member about the value they bring and how they can make their highest contribution.
  • An intentional culture that supports productivity and well-being.
  • Fluid communication through skill building and practice.
  • Emotional intelligence that allows all team members to act according to shared goals rather than getting hijacked by transient emotion.
  • Increased leadership capacity among all members of the team for improved accountability and effective delegation.


  • A dynamic combination of one-on-one and team coaching customized to the needs of your organization.
  • A collaborative process for developing an organizational vision and strategic plan.
  • Training in emotional intelligence, communication, and leadership skills.
  • Ongoing assessment and implementation of processes and systems for optimal efficiency.
  • Coaching on time management, productivity, changing patterns in relationships and high performance.
  • Tools for implementing sustainable change.
  • Customized on-site or off-site trainings and team retreats.

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  • Jen has been AWESOME for my business! I employ all age groups and she brings a clear energy that earns the respect and trust from all of my team. Her clear communication skills, honesty and trusting personality is visible in every session. I have worked with many coaches over the years, and she makes the process of “redirecting the ship” feel exciting and in alignment for everyone along the way! Jen possesses a clear love for business and always expresses true enthusiasm toward mine. I highly recommend her to any business!


  • Jen Verharen is a highly skilled coach who has helped me and now, many of my friends and colleagues gain clarity and direction. Earlier this year I began working with Jen, after having experienced one of her mini workshops, in order to have her help me figure out where best to align my time and energy. I chose to work with Jen for many reasons, not the least of which is that she is a master at listening, distilling, and reframing what she hears from her clients. She’s not woo woo. She’s not a “counselor”. She’s pragmatic, present, and action oriented. Most importantly, she is clear and that clarity helps her clients get clarity. She is, by far, the most... Continue Reading

    Karen Petty
    Sage Ways Consulting & President
    PNWHPD Foundation