Mental Skills Mastermind for Riders

Get started making your dreams happen right now!


Transcend fear and self-doubt.

Get into the “zone” when you want to.

Be mentally tough & emotionally resilient.

Put the joy back into your riding.

Ditch perfectionism and embrace excellence!

For fun. For competition. For life.


Get the direction, support and guidance you need to “retrain your brain” and get out of your own way.

Whether you want to get past fear, be free of nagging self-doubt or simply hone your ability to perform your best under pressure, you’re in the right place!

The Performance project is a year-long membership program that combines group coaching calls, online recordings, weekly motivational emails, a step-by-step workbook and a kick-ass community. It is designed to help you take your confidence, both in and out of the saddle, to a whole new level from wherever you’re at right now.

It addresses the mental, emotional, psychological and physical aspects of performance in ways that are specifically applicable to riders who want to get the most out of their passion for riding, excel in their discipline and improve their relationship with their horses. Adult amateurs, recreational riders, and high-performance riders from all disciplines will find more success and joy in their riding by utilizing mental skills and understanding the sport in 360 degrees. The Performance Project is geared toward helping riders get the most out of their horses, their training programs and themselves. Your trainer will be thrilled!

Whether you’re an eventer, dressage rider, show jumper, hunter rider, recreational rider or you compete in western riding disciplines, you can use your nerves to your advantage rather than let them mess with your mojo. You can put anxiety, fear, perfectionism, comparisonitis, self-doubt and whatever else gets in your way, aside! You can perform with more confidence while training, competing and in the rest of your life as well.

You have one wild and precious life and this program is all about helping you make the most of it!

The Performance Project includes:

Audio Recordings Delivered Monthly

Each one contains a new topic, a piece of the puzzle, and some fresh insight. Listen while you drive, muck or work out.

A beautiful, easy-to-use Performance Project Training Notebook

Print it out and it will guide you through your personal journey.

Monthly Q&A Calls

Each month, come live to the call to get training in mental skills, and emotional resilience. Get coaching on overcoming obstacles, managing stress, making time for all the things, maximizing your training program and excelling in competition. Get to know other riders from all over the United States. Get direct, live access to professional equestrian performance coach, Jen Verharen. The calls take place at 6:00pm Pacific time on the second Wednesday of every month. They will all be recorded and delivered to your inbox so you won’t miss a thing even if you can’t be there live.

An exclusive invitation to join The Performance Project Private Face Book Group

Get professional coaching, training in new skills and be a part of a crazy cool community of riders with a shared passion.

Real Time, Live Access to Your Professional Coach

This is not a “sign up, get some downloads and you’re on your own” sort of program. Jen will be right there with you the whole time, on the phone calls and in the FB group. This is not an “online course”, it is a coaching program designed to get you real results through real support and accountability. You will have opportunities to request laser coaching on the coaching calls and get your questions answered weekly in the FB group.

This is A LOT. All for a tiny fraction of what one on one coaching costs. $89 a month can change your life!

This program is designed to give you tools that will last a lifetime and keep you motivated for the long haul.


I’ve created The Performance Project so that you can get the benefits of A FULL YEAR OF SUPPORT, TRAINING AND COACHING at a very low price.

Through The Performance Project, you can expect to…

  • Feel more confident in everything you do.
  • Have a set of tools to help you use your nerves to your advantage in all kinds of situations.
  • Be able to handle your emotions so that you can fully enjoy your talents and skills.
  • Manage stress more effectively!
  • Have a better understanding of how you impact your horse and how to change negative patterns.
  • Develop an improved relationship with your horse.
  • Gain emotional resilience and improve your ability to handle high-pressure situations including competition and conflict.
  • Have strategies for balancing all the things that are important to you- riding, school, work, friends, family, working out etc.
  • Be more focused and organized.
  • Handle all the ups and downs inherent in our sport with grit and grace.
  • Have a support system and be a part of a great community of people who share your passion.

As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive all the details about the program so you’ll know what to expect. After that, you’ll receive weekly motivational and educational emails as well as monthly access to new audios and training materials. The Performance Project Q&A calls will take place at 6:00pm Pacific Time on the second Wednesday of each month and will last 60-75 minutes. Remember- you will receive a recording of the call if you can’t be there live!

This is not a time-intensive program. It is designed to work with your regular crazy-busy lifestyle. You will have full access to all the materials and coaching from Jen on the group coaching calls but there is no required time commitment. You can also cancel your monthly subscription at any time. (Not applicable if you pay in full for the year long commitment.)

Register Now

All 12 months for $889 or

monthly membership payments of $89

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Monthly Membership

What To Expect:

Each month, we’ll dive into trainings on topics that help you hone your performance AND your sense of peace and calm in your life. You’ll gain new perspectives and concrete strategies to use in and out of the saddle to build your confidence and put the joy back into your riding. Here are just some of the topics we’ll be covering:

Playing Big: set goals you’ll really achieve

Your Inner Critic vs. Your Inner Coach: Who wins?

Grace & Grit: Emotions are meant to move!

Fear to Power: flip the script on your nerves

Mindset Mastery: harness the power of your mind

Courage & Confidence: You got this!

Breaking it all Down: learn to learn better

Unleash Your Inner Athlete: posture, breath and physical fitness

Balance Like a Badass: managing your time and energy

Fight The 3 Muskafears: Procrastination, Perfectionism & People Pleasing

The Setback Cycle: getting good at getting back in the saddle

Lessons in Leadership: Who’re you gonna be?


  • My favorite thing about the Performance Project was the direct input from Jen- it was amazing to see how her involvement and input got the ball rolling for the participants. The group input, positive energy and people lifting each other up was also very powerful. The class material, syllabus, and coaching calls really hit home the strategies and totally changed my frame of mind. The Performance Project helped me zero in on the stepping stones I needed to gain a more positive frame of mind for riding and work through my negativity when it wants to take over. I have had some traumatic events riding in the past and had begun to doubt my capabilities. In an amazingly short time,... Continue Reading

    Carol Mahoney

  • The Performance Project gave me better understanding of the power of and structure behind sports psychology. It helped me end the season by achieving my goal of competing in the Developing Horse Championships at Lamplight. I had one of the best competitions of my life and enjoyed every minute of it! Over time, as I absorb and study the information from The Performance Project even more, I expect to keep getting better. By next winter's Global Dressage Festival, I plan to compete again, with calm and focus no matter what the circumstances are!

    Barbie Asplundh

  • I started off thinking this Project would just help with my riding but quickly realized how it touches all areas of my life. As I've gotten older, I have slowly sunk into the dredges of anxiety and self-doubt. I really needed this! For riding, I feel focused and optimistic, and have proof already that the tools do help. I am building the "right kind of mental muscle" and achieved my lifelong goal of competing at second level this season! I really enjoy Jen’s audios and listen to them over and over on my phone as I go about my barn chores. I pick up something new every time! The Performance Project has also helped me improve my ability to manage... Continue Reading

    Julie McPherson

  • Thank you, Jen for putting this program together! It was very helpful and emboldening for me to participate in The Performance Project. Having a homebred, who is now almost four years old has been extremely challenging and rewarding for me. I so appreciate your wisdom as a rider and teacher. I truly believe we benefit immensely by bringing good mental habits to our horses and The Performance Project is a fantastic way to learn how to do this really effectively. I am already pretty goal oriented and The Performance Project helped me to clarify specific strategies achieve them. Onward we go with great expectations!

    Evelynn Major

  • At the beginning of The Performance Project, several people who’d done it before said it was life changing for them. I chuckled then but now I get it. If you do the work and commit to the course it really is! I so wish I had found the Performance Project years ago. It has changed how I approach my rides but also how I approach projects at work. I love how positive this program is and that it’s specifically directed to riders. I paid for several private sessions with a sports coach several years ago and she kept comparing horses to bicycles- THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER! I am much more positive when riding my new horse and I no... Continue Reading

    Ruth Boozer

  • I now have a set of tools I can use to help me work through just about any situation. The strategies for goal setting, committing to core habits, developing emotional resilience, and accessing courage are all so applicable to riding and competing. But they are also applicable to life in general! These concepts have already helped me gain perspective and make important choices for myself that will help me continue to move forward in positive ways. I have a better strategy for improving my dressage tests and for helping my mare to become more relaxed and rideable in the ring. My favorite aspect of The Performance Project has been the community of like-minded people that I've gotten to know! Knowing... Continue Reading

    Erin Tomson

  • I so admire and appreciate your style and effectiveness as a leader, instructor and coach. It was a great experience going through The Performance Project and then getting to meet you in person and have a riding lesson with you! You are such an asset to our PNW equestrian community and beyond. I ended my season accomplishing a goal that I thought was impossible at the beginning of the year- not only completing, but winning my division at the Spokane Horse Trials. The most important things I’ve gained though are having frequent and longer periods of confident, relaxed rides in public, more motivation to practice, a positive attitude change, self-forgiveness and patience, and a coaching model to help my SLP... Continue Reading

    Alice Burrows

  • The Performance Project was life changing! I was somewhat skeptical but several trusted coaches recommended it to me. I was at a very low point in my equestrian life so I figured it couldn't hurt to give it a try. I can't believe the amount of information provided in such a short period of time - I'm sure I will still be processing/accessing it for quite a while! The information was practical so I could immediately try techniques and ideas and, better yet, immediately see results. My horse and I have already significantly improved our dressage show performance and made huge strides in overcoming significant fear in the jumping phases. I am so impressed with how the seemingly small changes... Continue Reading

    Lorraine Heath

  • Due to the emotional and physical fallout from a scary fall, I was really struggling with my confidence as a horsewoman, rider, and my overall self-image. During my participation in The Performance Project, I came to understand the negative thoughts I was having about myself (old, floppy, incapable, weak, fragile, undeserving) were not really me and these thoughts were contributing to the anxiety I was feeling surrounding jumping with my new partner. Around week two of the program, I decided I was no longer going to refer to myself negatively, I would own my age, and I developed a set of positive thoughts about my ability to ride (balanced, soft, confident, capable, strong, worthy). At week three, I signed an... Continue Reading

    Erin Ellifritz Lampe

  • I loved participating in the Performance Project! I highly recommend this program and working with Jen. The success tools you gain are applicable in any aspect of your life. This program helps you see things more clearly and attain your goals. I really enjoyed the group and seeing that we all are going through similar things. The group support along with Jen's coaching is very inspiring. I now have an understanding of what's really holding me back and how to achieve my goals. Thank you, Jen for this wonderful opportunity!

    Sheridan Kent

  • I began working with Jen in 2015. During that time, I have participated in her Masterclass on Goal Setting, her Take The Reins online course, her one-on-one coaching program, and now, The Performance Project. I think that list is an indication of how much I believe in her process! Over the years, I have created a personal vision for myself…twice…set goals and strategies for my riding and my life, and have experienced the power of believing in and accomplishing those goals. I could not have achieved what I have without Jen’s insight and skill as a coach and guide. She helped me see the only person getting in my way was me. And even when I could not always see... Continue Reading

    Debbie Berry

  • Jen, I am so grateful to you and this program. I have accomplished more than I ever thought was possible. You have helped me the find the joy that I was missing due to fear and anxiety. Today is the 10th anniversary of the original fall that has caused me years of debilitating fear. I was really fighting my inner critic while I rode today. And then the worse happened... my horse, Thunder, spooked when a German Shepherd got loose and went running at top speed, like a wolf, past the indoor. I had him back under control in three or four strides and never lost my seat or balance. I got his focus back quickly by using my TPP... Continue Reading

    Kelly Mcgillan

  • I participated in The Performance Project in 2018 and 2019. Here was my dressage goal: I completed a second level test with a great expressive and pushing trot. My horse, Sterling, was butter in my hands. I came out of the arena feeling like it was an awesome test. We owned it. Here was my eventing vision: I embraced the exhilaration of cross country. In show jumping, I rode every stride and maintained a correct and balanced canter. The whole thing was so much fun. I am elated. We owned it. Stating this vision (before it had happened) felt silly at first then these words popped into my head… I could hear the jingle that goes with it just as... Continue Reading

    Anita Parra

Jen Verharen

Jen Verharen is a professional performance & business coach.

She is the founder and creator of Cadence Coaching and specializes in helping equestrian athletes and entrepreneurs turn their dreams into goals and their goals into reality.

Jen has 25 years of experience as a coach and trainer and has been a life-long student of the human psyche and spirit as well a rider and horse lover. She’s an experienced facilitator and has led successful coaching programs for business owners as well as health and leadership training programs. Jen believes that high performance is the result of intentional action, mental toughness, healthy routines and the ability to not only manage but also capitalize on emotions. Leverage your fear, shift your thinking and learn powerful tools for getting into “the zone” so that you can perform optimally in all areas of your life!

Jen is a USDF Certified Instructor/Trainer, USDF “L” judge’s program graduate with distinction, USDF silver medalist, and USPC graduate A. She has competed and trained at the upper levels in both dressage and eventing and dabbled in most other disciplines. She has a BA in Organizational Psychology and Mental Health, is a certified Health and Wellness Coach, certified Transformational Life Coach and a trained mediator.