The Performance Project 2020


Do you struggle with anxiety or self-doubt? Do you have trouble getting into “the zone” when you are riding or competing? Whether you want to move past fear, be free of self-doubt or simply hone your ability to perform your best under pressure, The Performance Project will help you make it happen!

The Performance Project is a six month online program that combines group coaching calls, audio recordings, weekly motivational emails, a step-by-step workbook and an amazing on-line community. It is designed to take your confidence, both in and out of the saddle, to a whole new level- whether you’re an amateur, professional or high performance rider.

The Performance Project gives you mental, emotional and psychological performance tools you cannot get from a book or a regular sports psychologist. Get the most out of your passion for riding, excel in your sport and improve your relationship with your horse. No matter your discipline, you will reclaim joy in your riding and improve every aspect of your life!

This next flight of The Performance Project will also be focused on teaching you how to utilize performance skills for emotional, financial and spiritual resilience during the corona virus pandemic. Learn to create certainty inside yourself in the face of uncertainty in the world and make the absolute most out of this time.


Live Q&A Coaching Calls 

Weekly Motivational Emails

Audio Recordings Delivered Monthly

 Online Community Support

Easy-to-Use Training Notebook

Real Time, Live Access to
Your Professional Coach


For fun. For competition. For life.

6 Month Program

6 months for $400
Save $74

6 monthly payments
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