Cadence Coaching Wellness Retreat for Riders in Portugal

May 24th-31st 2025

Reset, Restore, and Rebalance

Experience a week of yoga & meditation, fitness classes, delicious nutrient-dense meals, mountain walks, and unadulterated relaxation. Reset your health, restore balance to your body, quiet your mind, and find some spaciousness for your soul.

 Whether you are a professional equestrian, amateur competitor, or recreational rider, horses are 24/7 and your life is probably at or over capacity most of the time. This seven-day break will allow you to step out of the rat wheel of your life, into a space of natural beauty and calm.

Set amidst the expansive mountain wilderness of the Algarve in Southern Portugal, Wild View is a tranquil space where you can slow down and give your life a half-halt.

All meals are delicious, colorful, plant-based, macro-balanced, and free of refined sugar, gluten, and dairy!

Return home to your horses, energized and present. The daily retreat schedule includes two yoga classes suitable for all levels, spectacular walks, and light fitness classes to reignite or up-level your strength and flexibility. Motivational coaching discussions, equine inspired art sessions, and nutrition education will be integrated into the week as well.

And, of course, there will be plenty of time for relaxing by the pool or in a hammock!

About Wild View

Wild View was built from the ruins of an abandoned mountain village called Corgas Bravas, in the foothills of the Algarve in Portugal.

Originally built by a Portuguese Army General in 1898, the ‘Manor House’ and surrounding ruins have undergone a years-long restoration project, transforming the iconic setting into a bespoke wellness retreat.

Wild View is defined by its spectacular uninterrupted 360° views of the Serra do Caldeirão mountains. A Zona De Intervenção Florestal, it is protected for its natural beauty and famous Portuguese cortiça (cork) trees.

There are no cars, no roads, no buildings, and no neighbors.

There is nothing to hear but the birds and the wind.

There is nothing to do but restore, reflect, and relax.

From the Kitchen

Optimal health starts with a healthy gut. We prepare meals that use nutritious, whole-food ingredients. Our food is colorful, fun, and innovative. You will never feel bored or deprived! All our juices, smoothies, and meals are refined sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian or vegan, with some animal protein options. Because one of our objectives is to give you a total wellness experience, this retreat will also be caffeine and alcohol-free. 

We are, unfortunately, not able to accommodate major intolerances, FODMAPs, fructose intolerance or diets that require separate meals to be made. Please provide any dietary requests on the health form no later than twelve weeks before the retreat date. If you fail to do so, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation and issue a refund. This is so we have all the necessary information in advance to assess if the retreat is appropriate for you. We cannot cater to any dietary requirements that are not disclosed on the health form in advance. Thank you for understanding. 

Wild View Retreat Accommodations & Pricing

Private Room Ensuite for one guest (5 spots available) $2550
AC, private bathroom, linens & towels, hair dryer, hammock, entire wall of windows with views of the property or pool

Large Triple Room Ensuite for three guests (6 spots available) $1950/pp
AC, ensuite bathroom, linens & towels, hairdryer, hammock, patio
(You can pre-arrange your group or guests will be matched with same-sex roomies.)

Private Shepherd’s Hut with outdoor rustic bathroom (3 spots avail) $2350
AC, bedside lamp, linens & towels, hairdryer, charging station & WiFi- Rustic Luxury! The three private Shepherd’s huts share two outdoor wood cabin bathrooms with hot showers, flushing toilets and amazing views! 

Double Room Ensuite for two guest (6 spots available) $2150
AC, ensuite bathroom, linens & towels, hair dryer, hammock, entire wall of windows with views of the property or pool.
(pre-arranged groups or guests will be matched with same-sex roomies)

There are two wood cabin bathrooms with hot showers, amazing views, and flushing toilets shared by the three huts. Think, “A loo with a view!”

All accommodations have AC, are really comfortable, and offer a combination of luxury and peaceful connection with nature. The shared accommodations provide an opportunity for guests to connect with people with shared interests and lower priced options. Water is a treasured resource at Wild View. You will be provided fresh linens, a swim towel and bathroom towels upon arrival. There will be no room cleaning or laundry service during the week. Shower gel and shampoo are provided in all rooms. You may want to bring lightweight clothing that can be handwashed and will dry quickly. Drying racks are provided in rooms.

What’s Included:

  • Seven night’s accommodation
  • Three buffet style healthy, balanced meals a day
  • Unlimited herbal tea and water
  • Nutrition talks with a nutritional therapist
  • Two yoga classes/day
  • Group Art classes
  • Group Coaching
  • Guided walks
  • 2 fitness classes/day
  • An Ice Bath/Cold Plunge Session
  • Pool and sauna time


What’s Not Included:

  • Flights/Train to Portugal and Faro
  • Transfers between Faro and Wild View can be added to booking for $75 round trip. Please reserve your airport transfer here.
  • Massages not included but can be pre-booked via email for €70 (Euros cash only)
  • Coffee, caffeine, dairy, refined sugar & gluten!



Group Transfers to and from Faro Airport on arrival day (4:30-10:30) and departure day (6:00-10:30) are available for a single fee of $75 per person.


Hour-long massages from local massage therapists are available every afternoon and evening on retreat.

Exploration & Excursions

Once you register, you will be provided with detailed information about the possibilities for local excursions before or after the retreat. These must be arranged and paid for on your own but we will provide you with contact information and transportation options in the area. Surfing, horseback riding, olive oil tasting, and visiting local towns & beaches are all options.

A Typical Day

7:30 Meditation

7:45 Yoga (& Breathwork)

8:45 Mountain or Lake Walk

10:00 Breakfast!

10:45 Coaching, Educational, or Breakout Session

12:00 Fitness I

2:30 Lunch

4:30 Fitness II

5:15 Yin Yoga

6:00 Sauna Club and Poolside Splash

7:30 Dinner

8:15 Various optional activities… Art Party or Rooftop Stargazing

If you have never done yoga or have a limited fitness level- no worries! All classes will be inclusive, progressive, and designed to meet you where you’re at, regardless of your fitness level or experience.  Most of us are riders leading busy lives and will not be showing up as super bendy yogis or fitness fanatics. We won’t be doing anything you can’t give a go. The classes will be fun and motivating. Our main advice is to try everything and not compare your Chapter 1 with someone else’s Chapter 10. You will feel so GOOD at the end of the week if you try all the things! That said…

All activities are 100% optional.

The freedom to choose how you spend your time is yours.

Except for photo taking, please try to limit the use of phones and media to non-communal spaces.

Meet Your Cadence Coaching Retreat Team

Jen Verharen

Jen is a certified Health and Wellness Coach, Transformational Life Coach, trained mediator & USDF Certified Instructor. She has a BA in Organizational Psychology & Mental Health and has done graduate work in clinical psychology. More importantly, though, she has spent thousands of hours coaching; witnessing breakdowns, facilitating breakthroughs, and celebrating wins. She brings a powerful belief in the strength of the human spirit to her work and possesses the unique ability to be present for the struggle while also holding a larger vision for her clients than they may be able to hold for themselves.  She partners with professional and amateur equestrians, leaders, and organizations to create clarity, cultivate courage and help them get out in front of whatever is in their way. She gets results. And now she is a retreat facilitator too!

Eliza Sydnor Romm

Eliza Sydnor Romm epitomizes a classically trained dressage rider, trainer and instructor. She is a successful competitor, a sought-after clinician, and has competed successfully through the Grand Prix on horses she has trained herself. She has had wonderful opportunities to learn from a few schoolmasters, but finds the greatest pleasure in training her own horses and developing those special relationships over time. Eliza has lead programs for The Dressage Foundation, trained in Germany with Oliver Oelrich, and is the youngest trainer to receive USDF Instructor’s certification through fourth level. She has a strong belief in giving back to the dressage community. She serves on the board of The Dressage Foundation and has previously been chair of multiple committees for NCDCTA. She frequently writes articles for Dressage Today and The USDF Connection. She loves mentoring other trainers and people who are fascinated by dressage. She now also brings her skills as an ace organizer and natural leader to the retreat experience!

Nikki Vaughan-Kirchhauser

As a professional event rider and Certified Athletic Trainer, Nikki gets to combine her two greatest passions, working with riders both in and out of the saddle. Focusing on functional movement and mobility, she helps riders gain confidence and optimize their riding performance. Nikki’s innovative and fun workouts challenge riders’ strength and stamina while improving balance, suppleness, and rider-specific coordination. She is a personal athletic trainer to professional and amateur riders in Dressage, Eventing, and Hunter Jumper disciplines. She is also and Intermediate Level Event Rider and Trainer. Nikki is an Orthopedic Rehab Exercise Specialist and is ACSM, ACE, and Pilates Certified.

Kimry Jelen

Kimry is a lifelong horse lover and professional trainer. She is a celebrated artist specializing in horses and the natural world. She paints with a textured, highly colorful style that flows freely from abstract to figurative. Her creativity is sparked by her love of nature and animals—horses in particular. In a time when so many of us feel separate from the natural world, she hopes her paintings will draw viewers back into their true connectedness with nature, each other, and themselves. For Kimry, painting is almost like sculpting. She can feel the essence and character of the landscapes and animals. Kimry says, “There’s nothing better than hearing that one of my paintings has touched someone’s heart or helped open them up to see an animal’s personality.” She lives in the middle of the Oregon High Desert, painting, working with horses, and drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of the surroundings and the critters she cares for. She enjoys teaching art classes that inspire her students to explore their love of nature, animals and their own emotions.

Yuwa Unique

Yuwa is a naturopathic nutrition practitioner with 15+ years of private practice and 10+ years of lecturing experience. She specializes in personalized nutrition and functional medicine and is keenly interested in women’s health, longevity, gut, and immune health. She takes a holistic approach to wellness, recognizing the interconnectedness of physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Yuwa believes that a warm, compassionate, and good-humored approach creates the space for clients and students to feel safe and supported as they move through any obstacles to healing (or learning). She offers various services, empowering clients to take control of their health and achieve sustainable changes to reach their goals. Whether you’re seeking support for a specific health concern or looking to optimize your overall health and well-being, she has the expertise and experience to guide you on your journey. She is a delightful, articulate, and deeply knowledgeable speaker. Yuwa brings a wealth of experience and joy to the retreat experience!