• You struggle with nerves under pressure.
  • You have trouble staying focused and calm while you’re competing.
  • You worry about what others think.
  • You’re not able to ride as well at shows as you do at home.
  • You have “beautiful warm up / crappy test” syndrome.
  • You wish you could stay more relaxed and connected to your horse while you’re competing and at clinics.
  • You burn hot and then run out of energy.
  • You’re frustrated with yourself for hanging onto a bad experience or trauma and are ready to move on.
  • You know you are capable of more than you are currently achieving but are not quite sure how to get out of your own way.
  • You have a hard time leaving stress from the rest of your life behind when you’re in the saddle.
  • You’re ready to take it to the next level and really want to dial in your mental game.

If any of these sound familiar, you are not alone. AND it’s time to get emotionally and mentally fit for your sport!

Discover what you’re capable of.

Learn simple strategies for handling stress constructively and riding your best, even under pressure.




High performance is the result of intentional action, mental toughness, healthy routines and the ability to not only manage but capitalize on powerful emotions. Studies of elite level athletes show that the most successful competitors are the ones who clearly identify and stay connected to WHY they compete. They can directly link their most deeply held values to the results they desire and this allows them to stay highly focused and motivated in their daily routines and training sessions.

Performing to your potential is not just about learning a particular set of skills or saying a few affirmations. It’s about learning how to cultivate emotional resilience and being mentally tough. It’s about becoming psychologically and spiritually grounded. Even though sports psychology for riders is similar to sports psychology for other athletes, equestrian sports require harmony and partnership with an animal who requires a degree of presence and empathetic physicality that make it incomparable to other sports. Increasingly, riders are investing in their own mental game as they realize it is as important a piece of the puzzle as the training of their horses and their own physical fitness. Cadence Coaching was born out of my desire to improve the lives of horses by improving the lives of riders. This is at the heart of the work we do together in performance coaching.

Coaching consists of a series of expertly facilitated conversations with one purpose: to move you from where you are now to where you want to be. Think of it, a toe-to-toe partner in your life. Support, accountability and results like you have not had before. Whatever you have always thought you SHOULD be able to do on your own, you are about to find out you can do more powerfully and efficiently with a coach.

You’ll develop strategies for managing whatever emotions get in your way and hone the mental skills necessary to tackle old patterns and develop new ones. Throughout our work together, I’ll provide you with a series of tools and exercises to help you develop awareness, sustain motivation, create custom routines, and build a foundation of inner strength and mental toughness in order to accomplish whatever your goals are. You’ll learn to get into the zone, overcome fear, and take your riding to the next level.

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  • I’m so grateful to have started in your performance coaching program this year! I honestly wish I’d done it many years ago. This spring I was in no place mentally, to achieve the goals I wanted to. I lacked confidence in myself and my skills and didn’t believe I was worthy of achieving those goals. I had tried for many years to improve my mental game, but had been unable to do so. This year I completed a CCI3***, which has been a ten-year goal of mine I have struggled to achieve. I came away from each of our coaching sessions with a specific tool or strategy to use when I was in a situation that pulled me back into... Continue Reading

    Erin Grandia

  • Since doing one-on-one Performance Coaching with Jen, I approach every ride with more confidence. If I am in a nerve-racking situation, I have tools that work to help me succeed. I feel more confident in the saddle but I also have an easier time saying no to things I don’t want to do. I feel more in charge of my own life. It’s a great feeling! Jen has changed how I approach riding. I’m able to get into a more focused state, set goals, and overall feel more confident. She is so easy to talk to. I never feel judged and she has a way of decluttering all the thoughts in my head. Working with Jen has been a pleasure... Continue Reading

    Brigitte Czerwinski

  • I first met Jen when I joined The Performance Project last spring. I had struggled with crippling fear for many years. It was clear to me in TPP that Jen had so much to offer. I soon began one on one performance coaching sessions and couldn’t be happier I made that decision. Her coaching has helped me overcome fear associated with riding and allowed me to not only have a very successful show season this year, but enjoy it! She truly personalizes each session and remembers details from conversations we had months ago. I feel like she truly cares about my success. We now focus on bigger goals and how to achieve them. I am so grateful for her and... Continue Reading

    Jen Carr

  • Absolutely speechless and humbled. So grateful for the support I’ve been given in my journey with Enzo. Sunday afternoon we achieved a goal I set in ‘The Performance Project’ last April with Jen Verharen. WOW! When I set the goal, I teared up just saying it aloud. The goal gave me butterflies and I was scared and excited by the possibility of achieving it. Many months of work have gone by… and voila, WE DID IT! I accomplished overcoming Red Light fear to trust Enzo and he learned to THINK through challenges and TRUST me that ghosts were not after him. We went to a new place, and had a fabulous, forward, relaxed lesson with Jen. Not long ago, following... Continue Reading

    Keiley Giboney

  • When I started coaching with Jen, I felt like my ‘feet were in the mud’. I was feeling stuck and as if I didn’t have choices. I wanted help clarifying my goals and figuring out how to reach them. Coaching helped me understand that I did have choices and I got clearer about what I want for myself. Jen allows a safe place to vent but stays on task in helping you clarify perceived obstacles and offers ways to think about options. I was able to make clear, hard decisions based on a new understanding. Jen has a special energy which is supportive, and encouraging. She also has a big tool box for guiding us to accomplish goals. She is... Continue Reading

    Jan Chisholm

  • I had just started riding a new horse when I found out about Jen’s coaching. Going into a new show season, I wanted to be more focused and try to get rid of some of my past baggage. Self-doubt and a lack of focus had been plaguing me for the last few years. I liked Jen’s personality and her approach appealed to me. My goal, going into the coaching program, was to be ready to perform as well as I could when at a show. I started working with Jen in order to take my riding aspirations to the next level. I had never had the experience of setting intentional goals and it was crazy how rapidly I started to... Continue Reading

    Christine Erickson

  • I consider myself a pretty positive person, but also a very skeptical person- particular in the self-help category! Jen is an amazing coach, and what I have gained from performance coaching with her has been invaluable. Jen helped me to stay positive and focused. She brought clarity to the negative patterns that we all have, but may not be aware of. I have moved ahead systematically, dealing with some challenging issues in my riding. I have aggressively pursued alternative riding opportunities, which have abounded where I thought there were none! I am more focused and much more aware of my inner critic and how it negatively impacts my thought processes. I have also stopped carrying so much blame and guilt... Continue Reading

    Kitty Politakis