Executive coaching

Get clear. Inspire vision. Handle adversity with grit and grace. Do the work you’re meant to do.

Executive coaching offers customized support for you to develop your own leadership style and navigate your own path to success

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Entrepreneur empowerment


  • You LOVE what you do and you want to figure out how to do it better.
  • You’d like to streamline things in your business so you can do what you do better and have a personal life. 
  • You’re tired of being tired and want BALANCE!  
Many business owners love what they do so much that they forget that they are business owners. They also often aren’t sure how to create a business that is profitable, sustainable and doesn’t run them ragged. One of my passions is helping people apply basic business principles to their passion-based businesses while becoming extraordinary entrepreneurs

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Team leadership coaching

Team Leadership Coaching with Jen Verharen focuses onempowering leaders to improve and support individual and team performance over time. By linking team members’ individual strengths to organizational success, the team is able to attract the right talent, retain what works and release what does not.

Norms are created around learning and collaboration that lead to courage and innovation. The result is an organization that is able to innovate, scale, and serve its customers and clientsfully while possessingresilience during periods of growth and change.

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