Success Story: Karen Pickering

“Jen, I just have to say this while it’s on my mind. I have finally found a new direction and passion for the Northwest Horse Source. ​I’ve been feeling stuck for the last couple of years, and struggling with what have felt like overwhelming personal and professional challenges. ​I’ve known that my business needs to… Read more »

Success Story: Karen Petty

“Jen Verharen is a highly skilled coach who has helped me and now, many of my friends and colleagues gain clarity and direction. Earlier this year I began working with Jen, after having experienced one of her mini workshops, in order to have her help me figure out where best to align my time and… Read more »

Success Story: Christine Erickson

“I had just started riding a new horse when I found out about Jen’s coaching. Going into a new show season, I wanted to be more focused and try to get rid of some of my past baggage. I felt like self-doubt and a lack of focus had been plaguing me for the last few… Read more »

Success Story: Garyn Heidemann

“A few years ago, I listened to one of Jen’s free tele classes.  I immediately sought out coaching with her. I was managing a 32 horse barn largely by myself, along with riding around 8 horses a day, and teaching lessons. I worked incredibly long, hard days and almost never had any money to work… Read more »

Success Story: Jeanne McKnight

“I sought out Jen at a time when I knew I needed a BIG change.  I’m a writer and a PR consultant in a competitive industry dominated by men. A company that I had been working for, for many years, was attempting to pigeonhole me, pay me less than I knew I was worth and… Read more »

Perfection Is Unrelated To Success

Whaaaa? You say.  How can perfection be unrelated to success? Isn’t that what we should be striving for? Maybe. But I have to say that a thing I’ve learned about the most “successful” people I know is that they jump in and tackle. They worry less about how to get a project just right and… Read more »

When The Friendship Rubber Meets the Road…

My friend Kirsten is in Fiji. She’s got a pool out her back door. She’s there on a six-month contract with the World Health Organization doing what she loves. She eats tropical fruit for breakfast and market fresh fish for dinner. She’s setting up programs that will improve the nutrition and lives of kids in… Read more »

Why do we all struggle with Procrastination & Resistance?

Some thoughts for the New Year… This is one of my favorite mottos… It’s common for us, as humans, to think that we need to wait to feel inspired to get some important task or activity done. I have people ask me all the time: “How can I stay motivated to… (whatever)?” How can I… Read more »

Joi’s Story: Claim Your Crazy!

We have a new family member! Yep. She picked us. At a bungalow, on a beach, on an island in Southern Thailand, we became this dog’s destiny. And once we did, I was like a dog with a bone- unwilling to give up until she was safely home with us. Someone met her for the… Read more »

Creativity & Setting Goals: Don’t Let The Dog Eat Your Couch!

I had the crazy good luck last week to be in the presence of two amazing women- each of whom I’ve given the status of “virtual mentor” in my life. (This loosely describes someone I love, admire and feel I know intimately even though we have never met and who wouldn’t know me from Adam… Read more »