High Performance Coaching

1:1 Coaching Program

Purpose. Passion. Excellence.


Dare to live your dream & enjoy the ride along the way.

This is a customized program for experienced riders looking to
take their riding to the next level.

My high performance clients compete nationally or internationally
and refine their mental and emotional game in order to achieve
their goals and fulfill their passion for the sport.

I work with you to identify and articulate your goals and develop
a strategic plan.

We dig pretty deep to identify your upper limiting barriers.
I help you nix any self-sabotaging habits as well as employ cutting
edge mental mastery skills.

This program often, additionally, includes business development,
life design, stress management and/or health coaching.

I have a limited number of spots in this program but prioritize riders who are highly motivated and have read the books, tried working with sports psychologists, and feel they have not yet received the kind of support and coaching they need. If this describes you…let’s talk!

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But don't take my word for it...

  • I was lucky to be introduced to Jen a few years ago. I had some things I needed to work thru and Jen was invaluable in helping overcome some of my own mental hurdles! Since working with Jen, I’ve recommended her to quite a few of my clients who were having some troubles managing their fear. Working together with Jen and knowing her approach, I found it very useful to support my clients in their quest to improving their riding and conquering their demons. Thank you Jen- I couldn’t have gotten out of my rut without you!

    Alison Martin, FEI Rider & Coach, Canadian High Performance Chef d'Equipe, Silver Medal Dressage Team Pan Am Games

  • I started working with Jen looking to take my career to the next level. Just as we started working together, however, I started experiencing some phenomenal personal and professional tragedies. Jen ended up seeing me through the worst year of my life. I could not have endured it without her coaching. She truly helped keep me from going insane. Therapy is too soft and emotional for me. Jen has a way of facing reality in a cool and practical, but also very compassionate way. I tell my students that she has a very palatable amount of woowoo- enough to help me see my world in a new way, but not enough to make my eyes roll!

    With Jen's help, I endured the hard year and rose above it. I was courageous enough to take the scary leap of investing in a top-shelf horse (Elvis!) who is seeing me to competitive places I’d only dreamed of. Now she’s helping me keep my dreams in mind while still staying grounded. Thanks, Jen- you’re the tits!

    Lauren Sprieser, Grand Prix Dressage Trainer, Rider, Clinician & Chronicle of the Horse Blogger Owner, Sprieser Sporthorse LLC

  • When I first started coaching with Jen, I was feeling a little discouraged and afraid to set new goals. I knew I had big dreams and some of the things in place to make them come true but I was feeling stuck and unable to move forward. Fast forward six years and I have achieved so many of my competitive goals. I’ve been able to build a sales business and fantastic partnerships that make my international dressage career possible while still spending quality time with my family.

    Jen has helped me stay clear about my vision. Through coaching, I’ve developed strategies for creating accountability with my team and for making my business sustainable while I travel. Her coaching has helped me stay motivated through hard times and improve my mindset before and during competitions. Just like working out, lessons with my coaches and ball room dancing, Cadence Coaching is a part of my high performance routine.

    Jennifer Williams, International Grand Prix Dressage Rider Owner, Summervale Premier Dressage

  • As I sit here excitedly waiting for my 4 o'clock phone call. I'm reflecting on these past 6+ months I have spent back here in Washington state. Whidbey Island is where it all began for me, it continues to impress me with its beauty, peacefulness and wonderful people. With the craziness that has been the last few months, and (years of horses)- it was nice to take a quick trip up the island today to see my Grandma, and snap this picture from her cabin deck overlooking Puget Sound. A few hundred paces from where I was lucky enough to grow up. How lucky am I to train horses, teach lessons and live in such a beautiful place? Wherever my life has and will take me, I am truly blessed.

    The last nine months have not been how I would have imagined, having had many twists and turns, but finding the positives and joy in the little things is what Pony Club taught me to do many years ago- and I continue to use it every day. I just took my little 4yr OTTB on his first off property adventure since I picked him up at the track in February. Having not ridden or touched him for ten days while gone at Rebecca Farms, I pulled him out of the field, loaded him up and away we went. He tied to the trailer like a pro, I hopped on and he flat footed hacked, walk, trot and cantered around the fields and trails like a super baby horse I know he is. I'm so excited Mowgli has a baby brother that is mine, and I look forward to slowly bringing along my next future horse. Fingers crossed.

    Now Back to 4:00pm today. Over the last six months I have been talking with Jen, of Cadence Coaching on a semi regular monthly basis. My first memory of Jen was at my D2 rating. I remember her patience, beaming smile and saying that Buddy and I had passed with flying colors- it's the little things in life! A handful of years later after what seemed like a long drive at the time down to the Bay Area, she oversaw my A rating with Shay, the highest pony club rating. Now, fast forward to this year. I spoke with Jen this past winter at our annual USEA Area VII meeting after she gave a super-applicable-to-me talk to a group of us. Now Jen has come back into my life though her passion for coaching people (myself included) to get the most out of themselves in their direction, life, planning, and business. She’s helping me bring out the qualities in myself that I didn't think I was naturally strong at and breaking them down into more obtainable pieces. I look forward so much to our monthly talks. She is so good at what she does, looks for the little wins, and positives- just like I learned back in the beginning with Pony Club. It's so inspiring! You all know I don't recommend things unless I feel strongly about them, she's that good. Thank you so much for helping me Jen!

    Maya Black, International 5* Level Event Rider & Trainer

  • Jen, thank you for being such a positive force in my life! Change can be a scary thing but discussing transitions with you is a comfortable, positive experience. Brainstorming with and having you as a sounding board has been invaluable. I’ve moved forward in my new business endeavors with more confidence and my goals have clearer definition.

    Catherine Haddad Staller, International Grand Prix Dressage Rider, Trainer & Breeder

  • Jen came to our barn for a goal setting and mindset clinic in 2019. I knew that the mental game was a weak spot for me, but until that clinic I didn’t realize how broken I was at the time. I’d spent the last ten years at the same level, trying with multiple horses to break my own glass ceiling. I’d been watching my peers achieve goals far beyond what I was doing. It was wearing on me! I’d started to believe the negative thoughts running through my head and this was completely standing in the way of my progress as a rider.

    I had a weird notion that after my first intermediate, it would be relatively easy to get qualified for the, then, 2*. Turns out it was a lot harder than I thought! After years of struggling to get there I seriously doubted my ability to compete at the upper levels.

    Last year, with Jen’s help, I was finally mentally ready for the task. The stars aligned and we completed the 3*S and 3*L last summer. I firmly believe that if I hadn’t done performance coaching with Jen I would have lacked the confidence in myself to get it done. 

    Jen’s High Performance Coaching Intensive is an extremely powerful program. It helped me up my mental game for competitions, review my business practices, create ideas for business growth, gain strategies for working with my clients, and improve my mindset in all areas of my life. I have a document on my phone with all my notes from our sessions, so anytime I start to slip into my bad habits I can review them. This program was a total turning point for me!

    Erin Grandia, CCI** Level Event Rider, ICP Certified Instructor & USPC Graduate A, Owner, Full Gallop Eventing

  • Stanford and I ended this winter show season on a high note! We competed in our first CDI together and won the Inter II and Grand Prix AA division. Thank you to Jen Verharen and Cadence Coaching for the amazing mental coaching you provided me this season. I could not have had this success without you!

    Kate Mancosh, AA Grand Prix Dressage Rider & USDF Gold Medalist

  • When I started to competitively compete in three-day eventing my parents sought Jen out because I was cracking under the amount of stress and pressure I would put on myself. I was paranoid about my horse getting hurt, what other people thought, winning and reaching this one "big" goal that had become an obsession to me. I would get sick before cross country with the thought of my horse not coming home healthy. I never felt good enough because I would compare myself to others and if I didn’t win, I felt I’d failed. I hated myself for never being able to reach my own standards and goals. It was getting bad enough to where I had such high anxiety and stress about achieving this one goal that it was an obsession that almost destroyed me. My parents had me set up an appointment with Jen and that was that- the rest is history!

    Over the course of my sessions with Jen my mindset changed. Before I knew it I felt like I could breathe for the first time… like I’d been holding my breath for years and then finally, I could breathe again.

    Coaching has helped me in too many ways to list. Jen has been instrumental in my being able to find success in my riding, college, life and career choices. The biggest thing though, is that I truly enjoy this sport again. That is 100% the result of working with Jen! She helped me work though my mental and emotional issues that were causing me to lose my enjoyment for the sport. I now do not have extreme anxiety when it comes to riding, competing and the things I cannot control. I now take things in stride, enjoy the moment while it’s present and breathe.

    Cadence Coaching has put me in a better mindset about my life in general. Using the tools that Jen helped me build, I handle stress and my work load better, whether it be in school or in my job.

    Thank you , Jen. Thank you a million times. Thank you for helping me get my love for this sport back. Thank you for helping me enjoy my successes and handle my set-backs. Most of all thank you for helping me be able to take a breath and enjoy the process!

    Emmie Everett, NAYRC Event Rider & College Student

  • I'm thrilled with the help that Jen has given to my students. Her coaching, insight and talent has led to huge breakthroughs for them. She’s helped them get clear on their goals, shift their ways of thinking, and develop strategies for improving their riding. I regularly send my students to Jen for coaching because she's incredibly insightful, helps them clarify what they want from their riding and makes my job easier! And I continue to look to Jen for coaching and support whenever I go through periods of transition in my business.

    Alyssa Pitts, Grand Prix Dressage Rider, Trainer and Competitor, Owner, AP Dressage & Cedar Meadows

  • Thank you, Jen Verharen and Cadence Coaching, for your immeasurable help. THIS SHIT WORKS!

    Barbie Asplundh, AA Grand Prix Dressage Rider

  • I love coaching! There is nothing I would change. I feel like the most common piece of advice I give people is, "You need to set up an appointment with Jen!” Coaching has helped me go from having a barn full of horses with problems that needed to be fixed, a few years ago, to having a barn full of FEI horses. Working with Jen has inspired me to get on top of communication in my business and helped me figure out a better book keeping system. For years, I felt like I could not manage my employees and now my team is the best thing about my business. Coaching keeps me motivated and on track to make the changes I needed to make. It has given me ongoing support and motivation through some serious ups and downs. When I need strength for a hard situation I picture Jen standing next to me and try to make her proud with my words and actions. It helps. She also has taught me where to look to keep my mental game strong and help myself.

    Garyn Heidemman, Grand Prix Dressage Rider, Owner of Cain Lake Stables

  • I started working with Jen in the early part of 2015. It couldn't have come at a better time for me. 2014 saw many changes for me personally and professionally with the birth of my first child. Having Daniel helped to clarify certain things for me - that I really did want to keep running my business at the highest possible level, that I wanted to spend tons of time raising my son and enjoying every moment with him, and that I needed an incredibly strong support system to do both. But his birth also brought many questions. How do I balance business and family? How can I downsize without losing out? What is really most important to me in this world? These are big questions, and luckily Jen is the perfect person to help you find the answers within yourself to these very big questions. I began coaching thinking it would help me with goal setting for my competitive plans for the year. I came out of it with so many life lessons about the person I want to be, my long term vision, and tools to go about getting there. What a gift this program is to anyone, anywhere. It doesn't matter if you are a professional striving for achievement at the highest levels, or an Adult Amateur who enjoys trail riding. I promise you will come away from your work with Jen, empowered to make the best of yourself and your riding.

    Eliza Sydnor Romm, FEI Level Dressage Rider, Owner of Eliza Sydnor Dressage & regular contributor to Dressage Today and USDF Connection

  • This program has changed my life! It helped me become proactive, kept me accountable, and got me to focus on my ideal client. I am seeing my life and my business more clearly. I’m healthier and living with more integrity than I ever have. Jen encouraged me to NOT ignore the things I don't like to focus on and now I actually enjoy the hard things. Can’t wait for the future!

    Kelly Burris, FEI Level Dressage Rider & Owner, Kellenbrook Farms

  • Jen, you have helped me confidently knock on so many doors to finally realize I had all I desired within me all along. My goals took me on a grand tour of my inner self and I'm now back at my true self. You helped me put so many things in motion and helped me feel worthy to receive so much back into my life. I have a thriving business with a waitlist, diverse streams of revenue, and really strong sense of self. Most of all, I feel confident and capable. You are always in my corner. That alone makes me feel like I have an ally that is smart and supportive and believes in my dreams with horses. I feel worthy of great riding, wonderful relationships, and beauty inside and out. I didn't have that before.

    Alexandra Jackson, Show Jumper & Owner Bainbridge Riding School

  • I have a very large dressage training business. I started working with Jen when I felt like I needed to make some changes and get on top of things. Since then, my mental health is so much improved! My business is running better- it’s more profitable and sustainable and I feel like what I do for a living is more valued by myself and my clients. I have more time for my personal life which, overall, makes me a happier person. Jen has helped me with my performance skills. Our sessions give me accountability and I love our conversations. I highly recommend Jen to help you achieve your dreams- however you want your business and personal life to look- she’ll help you honor your own vision and not just be driven by everyone else’s!

    Laura DeSecari, Grand Prix Dressage Rider & Owner of DeSacari Equestrian

  • Jen was recommended to me as a coach at a time in my life when I was making the same mistakes in my riding over and over. I was getting more and more nervous showing. I was struggling to perform well and I was starting to not have as much fun competing as I used to.

    Jen has helped me develop a strong mindset. I have so many tools now that I use to keep myself calm and to keep things in perspective. I’ve also really enjoyed the community that I’ve gained from taking her online course, The Performance Project. I think the two go hand-in-hand and all riders should take the course along with 1:1 coaching!

    It has been amazing to see how applicable the new tools I have are to my personal life, as well. Jen is an amazing coach- she’s helped me improve all aspects of my riding, health and personal life!

    Shelley Ferris, Show Jumper, Vancouver, Canada

  • After losing my heart horse, Spotlight, I realized that I was going to need help healing both from his loss, and also some past traumas that my grief was bringing to the surface. Lendon Gray recommended that I reach out to Jen Verharen of Cadence Coaching.

    Since I started working with Jen, I’ve not only learned how to manage my grief and trauma, but I’ve also been inspired to set goals again, create strategic timelines, and improve my mental and emotional health. I’m really looking forward to continuing to work with Jen this upcoming show season and take my riding to the next level. Thank you, Jen!

    Sophia Schavonelle Dressage Rider at Sophia Schavonelle, Dressage & Sabine Schut-Kery Dressage

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