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My passion is helping people bring their dreams and deepest desires to life- real, everyday life.

Whether it’s in your work, your health, your relationships, your sport, your business or a special project that you desire to evolve, it’s part of the human condition to struggle. And wrestle with Resistance. And feel thwarted by Circumstance. It is in this struggle that I thrive. And partner with you to create Clarity, cultivate Courage and help you get out in front of whatever’s in your way. My superpower is the ability to uniquely blend the energetic and the strategic to help you get results.

I have a process. We work within a structure. Results are a high value for me so getting them for you remains core to our work together. But here’s the thing. The magic happens when we can go where you need to go. When we are unconfined by labels. I am a performance coach. A health coach. A life coach. A leadership coach. A sports coach. A business coach. And an executive coach. Your getting the full value from coaching relies on our ability to deep dive in all the pools and your ability to integrate all the important areas of your life. This is what makes Cadence Coaching consistently life changing and inherently different from other programs.

I have a BA in Organizational Psychology and Mental Health. I’ve done Masters work in clinical psychology. I’m a certified Health and Wellness Coach, certified Transformational Life Coach and a trained mediator. I have more than twenty five years of experience as a coach, trainer and facilitator. Blah blah blah. This cred pales in comparison with hundreds and hundreds of hours coaching. Of being present for the struggle. Witnessing breakdowns. Facilitating breakthroughs. And celebrating wins. To our work together, I bring a powerful belief in the strength of the human spirit. I bring inherited and learned knowledge about the path forward. And I bring the ability to hold a larger vision for you than you may be able to hold for yourself at a given moment.

This is probably not your first rodeo. I may not be your first coach. I promise to meet you where you’re at. There will be no pretense. No corporate jargon. No beating around the bush. When you sign up for coaching with me, be ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work on manifesting the next chapter of the life you are meant to live.

I am a cerebral strategist and a whole hearted empath. (Yes- both at the same time!) I believe in leveraging neuroscience as well as integrating collaborative mentorship into the coaching process. What does this mean for you?

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I’m a lifelong rider and horse lover. Horses remain an integral part of my life and a source of inspiration in my work as a coach and as a business owner. I’ve trained and competed to the upper levels in dressage and eventing and dabbled in most other disciplines. I was a trainer and instructor for twenty years before I pivoted to coaching as a career. I continue to get great joy from helping equestrians at all levels get the absolute most out of their riding and their businesses. I’m a USDF Certified Instructor, USDF “L” judge’s program graduate with distinction, USDF bronze & silver medalist, USPC graduate A and long time, USPC National Examiner. I continue my education in dressage with my current partner, Sherlock DBF and live vicariously through my son who is a passionate eventer.

I am honored to work with some of the top riders in the US as they achieve their career and competitive goals. In addition to high performance coaching, I help professional riders establish businesses that allow them to pursue their dreams.

I also love coaching adult amateurs and youth riders who are striving to overcome fear, get to the next level, be more present with their equine partners, achieve competitive success, get more out of their lessons, or balance their horse lives with career and family. To my work with equestrians, I bring a lifetime of experience- riding, training, competing, overcoming fear myself, struggling with horse-life balance and a slew of professional credentials. If you are tired of feeling like you’re getting in your own way and are ready to get the absolute most out of your horse life, let’s talk!

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