Executive Coaching

Leadership. Contribution. Balance.


This is not your first rodeo. You know how to be in action, to manage yourself and others. You are not looking for generic solutions or corporate jargon. You want to partner with someone who can help you take your energy and your impact to the next level while also attending to the other areas of your life that matter. You’re looking to clear out the cobwebs, remove the dregs of self-doubt and reprioritize your energy on behalf of a new vision. 

Lead in your own life as well as you lead others. Make mission driven and passion fueled changes in your life. Create peace and clarity. Facilitate your ability to thrive while generating whatever impact matters most to you. 

Here are some of the things that will happen when we work together:

  1. You’ll gain clarity about what is important to you, what you need and your vision for your life and your organization. Through years of working with leaders in many industries, diverse cultures and in elite sports, I’ve developed a powerful, intuitive process for helping you clear the fog and uncover your most authentic desires, values and talents. We create a blueprint for your next chapter. (And we have fun!) 
  2. You’ll keep agreements with yourself. As coach, one of my jobs is to provide a structure which brings focus and clarity to your professional development. Beyond working through issues and building competencies during coaching sessions, you’ll set goals, develop an action plan and then generate the accountability you need to follow through. I witness you being accountable to yourself. The structure of coaching helps you achieve measurable, concrete results as well as discover your deepest, most kinetic aspirations.
  3. You’ll have a confidential sounding board. As your coach, one of my primary roles is to listen cleanly; to help you explore your own thoughts, assumptions, and biases. In coaching, you get a rare opportunity to be vulnerable and open with your thoughts. I call it having “behind the barn” conversations. The ability to do this drives powerful conversations and results in an expanded capacity for courage. You’ll end up with an ability to act with integrity on a very high level.
  4. You will experience sustainable change. I am not interested in quick fixes, flashes of inspiration, cheer leader positivity or short-lived injections of motivation. The explorations we do together will generate results that are whole-hearted and central to who you are. On the other side of our work together, you will have an expanded capacity for resilience and feel empowered for the long haul. 
  5. You will build leadership capacity. I help you build the mindset, emotional suppleness and courage you need to be extraordinary in your role. We focus on how to access leadership state, hone your communication skills, inspire (and motivate) others, and take care of yourself so you have more to give. 
  6. You will accelerate your success. I help you get results fast. We’ll have conversations that inspire you to be able to collapse almost any timeline. Or… you might find that what you really need is patience on a whole new level in order to honor the magnitude of what you’re up to. 
  7. Together, we will embody innovation and collaboration. Being able to lead through change is vital for leaders in most industries. I’ll provide you with new perspectives and tools you can use to increase your impact, motivate your team, develop your career and strengthen your relationships. I’ll support you in operating at your full capacity both personally and professionally.

I bring my passion and experience in a diverse spectrum of coaching to our work together. I am a health coach, a business coach, a performance coach and a leadership coach as well as an executive coach. This means I can meet you wherever you need to be met. And we can have whatever conversations we need to have. I also bring a unique concoction of coaching, mentorship, and consulting to our work together. I can’t help it.

Executive Cadence Coaching Programs include a minimum of six months of coaching and are customized to your needs and goals. Sessions take place over the phone or using most any online platform.

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Executive Cadence Coaching at Work

  • When I started coaching with Jen, I was feeling trapped. I was stretched thin by family care taking challenges, the financial demands of owning a farm, and working a job I no longer enjoyed to fund my riding passion- all while watching my riding grind to a halt due to horse health issues. I needed help finding a way forward and untangling it all. Jen is a phenomenal listener. She helped me find my way out of a crisis of paralysis and "I'll get to it tomorrow" thinking to make some long overdue changes in my life. She helped me articulate my core values, and develop a concrete plan to start moving forward, one baby step at a time. I resolved to invest the required time to prepare for a job search which resulted in a dream job offer. Nine months later, I have an incredible new job, I've made difficult decisions about complicated family matters, and sold a resource-intensive horse farm that I was no longer enjoying!

    Liza Lyons, Broadbent Director UX, Google

  • When I reached out to Jen, I could see the picture of who I wanted to become in my mind. I knew what I was capable of. I had big goals for my career, speaking and writing. But, on my own, I couldn't get past the voice of my Inner Critic. I didn't know that I also had a supportive coach in my head! I would never have found that on my own. Once I accessed it, I found a whole new way of being. My writing and speaking both flourished.

    Jen meets me where I’m at for each session. She accepts me fully for who I am in each moment. If I don't do what I consider to be my "homework”, I now focus on the bigger picture instead of beating myself up. Through this perspective shift, we were able to get to some very valuable areas that I wouldn't have thought about pursuing.

    Executive coaching with Jen has allowed me to change my relationship with myself. This has dramatically improved my relationships with my family. Such a surprise! It's amazing how even little changes allowed me to drop the microfocus I had on others and everything I felt they were doing wrong. I felt grounded in myself and became more patient and accepting of those around me. I have stopped doubting myself. I can whole heartedly say that I am a prolific, inspirational writer and at my company, I am a valued leader. Thank you Jen!

    Melissa Davis, Senior Program Manager, Avalara

  • Executive coaching with Jen has truly been transformational for me. She has shone a bright "enlightenment" flashlight on my life and helped me step forward into a version of myself, as a leader, that I love and appreciate. I’ve achieved every goal I’ve set out to accomplish with the help of her process and her coaching. She is intuitive, sharp, empathetic and challenges me to the edge of my comfort zone.
    When I sought out coaching, I was feeling like I had an unhealthy work/ personal/ relationship/ horse life balance going on. From our very first session, I felt a shift. Jen has a unique way of finding the damaged or hidden spots in my soul and revealing them so I can heal. I tend to hibernate when things hurt me, and she has helped me find ways through that- into the light. This has made me more effective in my executive director role and helped me develop as a coach.

    Since starting coaching with Jen, I’ve attained important coaching credentials, built a thriving life coaching business and developed a strong team of goal-oriented health coaches. I’ve achieved my USDF silver medal and am halfway to my gold! Working with Jen has even improved my communication skills with my family. I would not be where I am today without her support and guidance.

    Lea McCullough, Executive Director, Washington Oil Marketers Association Owner, McCullough Coaching

  • Before coaching with Jen, I had been struggling to find a meaningful challenge in my career. Jen uses a systematic, energetic approach that REALLY works. She's a tough-love coach and she does not back down from hard conversations. She helped me discover that I had shut myself off to so many possibilities, simply because I didn't want to face the fact that I was in the wrong role at work and didn't know how to get out. Smash cut to two years later. I'm in a new role experiencing the kind of authentic success I hadn't thought possible. I've made huge athletic strides. I'm fitter and stronger now, at 40, than I was ten years ago. Most importantly, I am happier, healthier and more productive in my work than I have ever been. Executive coaching with Jen has been the best investment I have ever made in myself!

    Nick Nowicki, Regional Operations Program Manager, Microsoft Corp.

  • A while back, I’d been clinging, unhappily, to a part-time job with a company I've worked with for twelve years. I’d also recently, as a result of the executive coaching I’ve done with Jen, secured an Executive Director position with an organization I love. I thought I could keep both positions and, in fact, thought I needed to for the sake of security. But then I realized (thank you, Coach!) that it was not only burning me out but making me feel like a minion. I felt demoralized by the culture at the old company and it was keeping me from fully embracing my new executive director role.

    Well, fast-forward to where we are today: I am knocking this new job out of the ballpark! I am free to work from my office at my farm. This was all a part of my vision I outlined with Jen several years ago. Wow. "One day, you knew what you had to do..."

    Jen really has an extraordinary ability to take a snapshot of your potential--not who you are today but who you see yourself becoming. She helps you identify your vision and your goals and then takes you on a step-by-step path to get where you want to go. She knows how to help you make things happen. Jen is simply the best in the business at what she does!

    Jeanne McKnight, Executive Director, Northwest Aquaculture Alliance Owner, McKnight Group Inc.

  • My coaching with Jen has helped to bring focus to my short and long term goals and put in place definitive action plans towards achieving them. When I first started working with Jen I was feeling a bit scattered and stuck. I had worked with Jen in her workshops and talked to a number of people that had used her as a coach so decided to give coaching a try. It has helped me look at the relationships I have and realize where I was setting unrealistic expectations and figure out how I needed to handle those relationships. Jen is honest and forthright and doesn't let you get away with not being honest with yourself! I come away from each session with Jen feeling energized for the work I need to do and peace of mind for having a plan in place to move forward.

    Pam Knudsen, Director of Compliance Services, Avalara

  • I was a hard sell. I had done "life coaching" before, as well as therapy and professional coaching, and generally always ended up stuck. I did not understand what Jen would offer that was different. But she suggested we start with a two-session series on core values and goal setting, and I began to understand how our conversations - and my own self-discovery - could become the foundation for much more. During subsequent sessions, she met me where I was at that day. If I needed to talk personal, we'd work through that. If I wanted to talk professional, that was the agenda. She has the wildly unique ability to toggle with ease between the personal and the professional. I have only made such progress professionally by understanding how my personal history impacts my professional life. She has always found a way to identify the core issue at the root of my anxiety or “stuckness” and guide me through it. I now spend much more time in a happy, joyful place. I'm able to look ahead and develop a clear path both for identifying my goals and achieving them. Love this woman!

    Molly Lawrence, Attorney, Van Ness Feldman GordonDerr

  • Coaching with Jen has been a game changer for me. It has helped me to advance my career and enjoy my personal life. Jen has given me the ability to enjoy and embrace my life in a way I have not been able to previously. When I started working with her, I was an anxious mess with so many life changes happening that I was not able to manage or fully embrace. While working with Jen, I went from always anxious to now, living more in the moment and enjoying my life. My career has flourished and my personal relationships have improved. I have learned to embrace each moment and appreciate the relationships around me. Coaching has positively impacted my marriage as well – my husband and I have moved into a stronger place as partners due to our work with Jen. She is just so good! She gets to the heart of things quickly and speaks from a place of understanding. I always come away with so many practical tools and I have moved away from living in a place of constant anxiety and worry. I now feel empowered and present in my life!

    Tara de Nicolas, Head of Field Events, Amazon

  • Jen is an incredible coach. Her coaching enabled me to identify and attain a top leadership position with the EPA. She has also facilitated new directions in my recreational endeavors, which strengthened valued relationships. Jen opened the door for my colleagues and I to find a way to balance and attain a variety of organizational and strategic goals. In my new leadership position at EPA Headquarters, I continue to seek her guidance in developing, communicating and implementing vision and direction for my team. Jen’s coaching creates clarity and structure for all types of visioning that results in a clear path forward. If you work with Jen, be prepared to attain your goals, both personal and professional! I identified and swiftly attained three life- changing goals during the first year I worked with her. She is now helping me create vision, form a strategic plan and engage my group to enhance environmental protection efforts by my office.

    Cyndy Mackey, Director of Site Remediation Enforcement, Environmental Protection Agency

  • I started executive coaching with Jen at a time when I had just taken on a new position and wanted clarity on my goals. I wanted to focus on the most important things in my new role. Coaching helped me get clear on what matters to me most- both professionally and personally. Jen has a deep tool box. She can quickly unearth the root of a limiting perception. This makes perspective shifts quick and powerful.

    My coaching experience has been excellent and such a worthwhile investment. I feel more at peace with where I’m at and where I’m headed. I find I’m embracing the journey more. I can’t wait to do a Cadence Coaching retreat at some point!

    Thank you Jen. Our work has helped me improve my focus, my confidence, and my ability to hone in on the things that matter most!

    Diane Lenius, Director of Engineering, City of Poulsbo

  • When I first met Jen, I was at a crossroads in my career. I knew I wanted to move to a pure selling function after being in multiple specialist and customer success roles. However, old thought patterns and habits were holding me back. Jen has single handedly TRANSFORMED my career trajectory! Through her coaching, I have transitioned into a successful sales position and have been promoted to a job that I helped co-create and design.  Every month now, I can't wait for my sessions with Jen. She helps me work through road blocks that come up either interpersonally or cross-functionally.  She is truly gifted and I consider her one of the most important people in my personal and professional support system.

    Vanessa Shayan, Director, Customer Engagement GTM at Pegasystems