A Letter To My Sister

Dear Carrie, Happy birthday. For the first time in 36 years, we will not text or talk on August 31st. To say that this day feels empty without you would be both an understatement and an untruth. Since you died almost four months ago, you take up less space on the earth but somehow, more… Read more »


As we finish up another turn around the sun I feel, more than ever, the presence and strength of the people around me- those that are in my daily life but also those with whom I share interests or passions who live all over the world. When I think about what has made this year… Read more »

Staying Motivated

Do you look forward to the “season of peace” every year only to be reminded that the anticipation, excitement and joy of the holidays are often rivaled only by the stress, exhaustion and discontent of the holidays? If you are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle or achieve some life goals, the holiday season can… Read more »

Looking Hope in the Eye

At various times throughout the years I have encouraged my clients to examine their relationship with hope. “I hope we meet our benchmarks this year.” “I hope I have the courage to do this or be that.” “I hope things get better.” “I hope I meet my soul mate.” Because hope is often associated with… Read more »

Spun by Dolphins

I am not quite sure how I went from reading lazily in the sun to swimming with 20 dolphins in a period of minutes but I know that it happened; and that there are few better ways to exit one year and enter another. My husband rushed from the water to inform me he’d seen… Read more »

Fear Means Jump!

Several months ago, I saw a video that inspired me to do something bold. It was a video that depicts a father in a third world village walking for miles on his hands in order to pray on his son’s fifth birthday. In the video, if his act and his vehement praying seem initially overblown… Read more »

10 Books I’ve loved in 2014

The hardest part about writing this was definitely narrowing it down! These are in no particular order… #1 In Deference by Anja Beran This is one of the most beautiful books I own. It is artfully crafted with clear, relevant text and illustrations that take your breath away. From pre-backing to lateral work to piaffe… Read more »