Stage Nine- Vigo to Arcade, 14 miles


On day nine

We walk fast and pause often.

We spread kindness step by step along The Way.


We follow foot prints frozen by time

Into a road that winds us around one another

And all who have passed-

And passed This Way.


Soul by soul

We acknowledge humanity:

Sitting on the side of The Way selling sweets and smiles.

Walking along alone Only color, a companion.

Or taking fotos with friends at waterfalls.

Coins are really eyes that see- language a barrier easily crossed

Along The Way.


On day nine

A gummy bear invites us to honor a child

Blessed by the pause of a raised hand.

A bell invites me to stop and honor the closest person I’ve had to a grandfather-

Memories of nature and music

And a lagoon of limpets

Follow me for a while.


Later we do not chase the sun

But run with the rain

Through unfamiliar Spanish streets

Surprised faces waving from doorways

Only multiply our joy

And light Our Way like

The yellow arrows we seek.


We run from cars but do not hide from their spray-

Pilgrims splashing and dancing through

Rather than stopping for shelter along The Way

This time.


On day nine

The bridge that peeked at us from afar in the morning

Is underfoot by noon.

The pain from yesterday’s journey

Is swept up in the wave of TODAY.

We are blessed by the pause of a raised hand.

We stop at lemonade stands all

Along The Way.