Performance Project

Do you struggle with nerves? Organization? Focus? What others think? Do you wish you could ride as well at shows as you do at home? Do you wish you could stay relaxed and connected to your horse while you’re competing? If so, here’s your chance to get emotionally and mentally fit for your sport. Learn simple strategies for channeling stress constructively and riding your best- even under pressure. Discover what you’re capable of! You’ll learn to manage whatever emotions get in your way and hone the mental skills necessary for training and competing optimally. You’ll have the opportunity to experiment with what works, what doesn’t work and to develop your ability to strategize, execute and recreate. This program will help you learn to leverage the expertise of your instructor and maximize your training program in order to get the most bang for your buck and make real progress. It will help you become mentally, physically, psychologically and spiritually prepared to compete or perform to your potential. This program is coming soon…sign up to be notified of the launch.