TRANSCEND FEAR AND SELF-DOUBT. GET INTO THE “ZONE” WHEN YOU WANT TO. BE MENTALLY TOUGH & EMOTIONALLY RESILIENT. PUT THE JOY BACK INTO YOUR RIDING. FOR FUN. FOR COMPETITION. FOR LIFE. Get the direction, support and guidance you need to “retrain your brain” and get out of your own way. Whether you want to get past fear, be free of nagging self-doubt or simply hone your ability to perform your best under pressure, you’re in the right place! The Performance Project is a four-week high octane program that combines group coaching calls, online recordings and video, a step-by- step workbook and a kick ass community to deliver an EXPERIENCE in taking your confidence to a whole new level from wherever you’re at right now. Put nerves, anxiety, fear, perfectionism, comparisonitis, self-doubt or whatever gets in your way, aside, and learn to perform with confidence in training, competition and in your life. You have one wild and precious life and this program is all about helping you make the most of it!

The Performance Project

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People who are successful, joyful, and creative know that it is only through an exploration of the inner world that the outward experience of success can be fully expressed and enjoyed. I believe that it's a mighty meeting of the energetic and the practical that make dreams become real. The longer I partner with people to achieve whatever it is they most desire, the more powerful this belief becomes. What do you want in your life? Financial freedom? More time for what’s most important to you? To accomplish a big goal? A streamlined business that works for you instead of the other way around? To tackle a project that’s been eluding you? Vibrant health and energy? To start a business or make a career change? Simplicity? Peace of mind? A low stress life? You have one wild and precious life- it’s time to make the most of it!

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