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People who are successful, joyful, and creative know that it is only through an exploration of the inner world that the outward experience of success can be fully expressed and enjoyed. I believe that it's a mighty meeting of the energetic and the practical that make dreams become real. The longer I partner with people to achieve whatever it is they most desire, the more powerful this belief becomes. What do you want in your life? Financial freedom? More time for what’s most important to you? To accomplish a big goal? A streamlined business that works for you instead of the other way around? To tackle a project that’s been eluding you? Vibrant health and energy? To start a business or make a career change? Simplicity? Peace of mind? A low stress life? You have one wild and precious life- it’s time to make the most of it!

About Jen


From the time I was three years old, horses have given me back to myself again and again. They require me to get big when I want to stay small. They teach me to be quiet and stay when I want to scream and leave. They challenge me to step into the best of who I am. They have saved me from loneliness and taught me to embrace fear. I view my life’s work as an opportunity to give back to horses what they have, for so many years, given me. What do horses mean in your life? What if you could fully capitalize on all the time and money you put into your horses? Cadence Coaching programs are designed to help you fully realize your biggest goals and deepen your relationships with your horses and with the people in your life. Let's do it!

Equestrian Business & Performance Coaching


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