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Why do we all struggle with Procrastination & Resistance?

Some thoughts for the New Year… This is one of my favorite mottos… It’s common for us, as humans, to think that we need to wait to feel inspired to get some important task or activity done. I have people ask me all the time: “How can I stay motivated to… (whatever)?” How can I… Read more »

Creativity & Setting Goals: Don’t Let The Dog Eat Your Couch!

I had the crazy good luck last week to be in the presence of two amazing women- each of whom I’ve given the status of “virtual mentor” in my life. (This loosely describes someone I love, admire and feel I know intimately even though we have never met and who wouldn’t know me from Adam… Read more »


As we finish up another turn around the sun I feel, more than ever, the presence and strength of the people around me- those that are in my daily life but also those with whom I share interests or passions who live all over the world. When I think about what has made this year… Read more »

Looking Hope in the Eye

At various times throughout the years I have encouraged my clients to examine their relationship with hope. “I hope we meet our benchmarks this year.” “I hope I have the courage to do this or be that.” “I hope things get better.” “I hope I meet my soul mate.” Because hope is often associated with… Read more »