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A Letter To My Sister

Dear Carrie, Happy birthday. For the first time in 36 years, we will not text or talk on August 31st…. Read more »


As we finish up another turn around the sun I feel, more than ever, the presence and strength of the… Read more »

Staying Motivated

Do you look forward to the “season of peace” every year only to be reminded that the anticipation, excitement and… Read more »

Looking Hope in the Eye

At various times throughout the years I have encouraged my clients to examine their relationship with hope. “I hope we… Read more »

Spun by Dolphins

I am not quite sure how I went from reading lazily in the sun to swimming with 20 dolphins in… Read more »

Fear Means Jump!

Several months ago, I saw a video that inspired me to do something bold. It was a video that depicts… Read more »

10 Books I’ve loved in 2014

The hardest part about writing this was definitely narrowing it down! These are in no particular order… #1 In Deference… Read more »